Best Exercises For Women

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I recently had a chance to go over fitness magazines going back about a hundred years. It is incredible to see the same marketing message has been delivered to women for that long. Over the same period, women and men both have become less fit and less healthy.

Best exercises for women is not found in the pages of a magazine, or on the Internet or reality shows. They are found in the pages of business, history, anatomy and physiology.

Do you have a record of what you have done so far in life as far as fitness is concerned? How did you learn what you know? Did you have a challenge with learning or implementing what you learn? These questions fall under what is known in business as SWOT analysis. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The top exercise for both women and men to get results is to learn about SWOT analysis and apply it to life and fitness. After all, isn’t true that when life happens, fitness steps move to the back burner? Through and integrated look into fitness as part of life your chances of getting fit increases dramatically.

Part of this process is to recognize the differences between men and women, from their hormonal difference which impact their muscle mass and fat percentage to the wider hip which changes the muscular forces on their hips and knees.

As an example, Leptin, also known as “obesity hormone”, “fat hormone” and “starvation hormone” plays a role in the difference since is made in the fat cells and women naturally carry a higher percentage of their body weight in fat.

Programs like the venus factor  helps you restore the communication between brain, hunger and fat gain help. Especially when they include an exercise program.


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Arm Workouts for Women

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Your dream body is often draped and hidden, but your arms are another story. Sleeveless and tank top could be your go-to clothes when you know that with each move your toned muscles softly ripple under the skin.

The arm workouts for women to  build tank top arms begins by putting away the misconception around working with  heavy weights, leaving the  fear of bulking up, and picking up some respectable load.

Your body naturally has less mass than men and your feminine hormones will protect you. Besides, even for guys who have the talent and discipline,  it takes years to bulk up and  most who try fail. Bulking up is the least of your worries.

Working with reasonably heavy weights help you build those sleek, ripply muscles that burn fat around the clock.

Your arms tie into your forearms, your shoulders, back and chest.  A complete set of arm exercises for women ties all of them together for you.

One way to get trim all over  is to work on the large muscle groups which in the case of arms is your triceps. Think pushing, and you got your triceps covered. Any form of push up or press engages your triceps.  Push forward, and you engage your chest. Push up, and you engage your shoulders and back.

Then is your biceps. Think pulling. Any form of pulling engages your biceps. All variations of pull ups, chin ups and rows engage your biceps.

Many pushing  arm exercises for women at home could be done without any equipment. However, for pulling you need equipment.

You don’t have to spend a fortune.  Many household furniture could be used for pulling action. However, I don’t recommend using them for two reasons. First is safety and the second form. To grab the edge of a sturdy table and pull yourself up is not safe and you’ll contort your body in ways that harm your form and reduce your results as well as increasing the risk of joint injury.

Simple suspension straps like TRX  suspension trainer, a pair of adjustable dumbbells, or a Lebert Equalizer could add the magic of safe and efficient pulling exercises for your biceps and lats.

Pushing and pulling exercises are compound movements that are great for burning fat, building muscle and overall body strength. There are some isolation exercises that could help you really hit the spot.

Sexy curls look great on many women, and I am not talking about hairstyles. I am talking about the variations arm exercises with dumbbells for women  for biceps curl like dumbbell hammer curl and dumbbell incline curl as well as concentrated cable curl and barbell curls.

Triceps isolation exercises happen when you are extending or straightening your elbow against resistance with minimal or no engagement of other muscle groups. Overhead dumbbell extension, skullcrusher, bend over triceps kickback and cable pull-downs are examples.

One effective way to prioritize a flabby arm exercises for women is to begin with your compound triceps exercise like push ups and end with an isolation exercise like a triceps kickback. Then  move to your compound biceps exercise like a bent over barbell row and finish up you arm workout with a biceps finisher like a dumbbell inclined curl.

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