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Best Exercises For Women

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I recently had a chance to go over fitness magazines going back about a hundred years. It is incredible to see the same marketing message has been delivered to women for that long. Over the same period, women and men both have become less fit and less healthy.

Best exercises for women is not found in the pages of a magazine, or on the Internet or reality shows. They are found in the pages of business, history, anatomy and physiology.

Do you have a record of what you have done so far in life as far as fitness is concerned? How did you learn what you know? Did you have a challenge with learning or implementing what you learn? These questions fall under what is known in business as SWOT analysis. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The top exercise for both women and men to get results is to learn about SWOT analysis and apply it to life and fitness. After all, isn’t true that when life happens, fitness steps move to the back burner? Through and integrated look into fitness as part of life your chances of getting fit increases dramatically.

Part of this process is to recognize the differences between men and women, from their hormonal difference which impact their muscle mass and fat percentage to the wider hip which changes the muscular forces on their hips and knees.

As an example, Leptin, also known as “obesity hormone”, “fat hormone” and “starvation hormone” plays a role in the difference since is made in the fat cells and women naturally carry a higher percentage of their body weight in fat.

Programs like the venus factor  helps you restore the communication between brain, hunger and fat gain help. Especially when they include an exercise program.


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